As mother of two, Valerie is very aware of the bustling schedules most children encounter these days - school pressures, homework, after school clubs, competitive sports and often chaotic social diaries all taking place in a hurry-up world of busy parents.  Even relaxation time is spent in front of noisy video games and screens!


Yoga can counter these pressures - it is unique in that it is an all-inclusive, non-competitive and non-judgmental form of exercise. 


Besides its well-known physical benefits of improved flexibility, muscle strength, balance and posture, there are also many mental, emotional and social gains.  Improved concentration, self-esteem, patience and memory retention are excellent examples. Overall children practicing regular yoga increase their ability to focus and learn at school whilst achieving a better understanding of their own bodies and their feelings. 


Yummy Yoga brings yoga to kids and teenagers aged 2 – 18 years. The classes focus on having fun, teaching children how to move their bodies in new ways through the use of creative stories, sequences and games. 

Yoga for kids and teenagers is still relatively “new” and therefore an exciting place to be!  As a proven product why not share yoga’s numerous benefits with children too? 

Younger children are taken on an adventure to the bottom of the sea or to save a princess in outer space.  Older children’s stories might be themed on the Olympics or travelling around the world.  All sessions end with relaxation, games and visualisations, often with calming music.  Children also learn about breathing and its importance in their everyday lives.


Yummy Yoga delivers kids yoga sessions to schools and nurseries in a number of different ways – they can be run as after-school clubs, lunchtime clubs or PE sessions.  We can work with teachers to help support the terms topics and curriculum.


Classes comply with Every Child Matters (ECM), Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE), Extended Services and Healthy Schools core themes.


Yummy Yoga will soon be offering private classes too so watch this space!

Kids and Teenagers Yoga                           Birthday parties now available on request...